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Who We Are: The Epic Chilli Oil Range

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The Best Tasting Chilli Oil Expanding Online??

A family business typically striving to be the BEST in this sector, producing a DELICIOUS Chilli Oil Range, which has been accepted by a diverse culture, especially from the Oriental, Western, African, and Asian markets.

We produce a range of condiments, each catering to how much a person can actually withstand the heat of our Chilli Oil. Due to high demand in variations of the Chilli Oil, we have incorporated a ‘Chilli Spice Meter’ on the front of each of our jars (label) so the customer can see how spicy each oil is.

Out of three chillies, one being the least spicy, and three being the hottest.


The above show reel is a cheeky montage of our Chilli Oil Range.

We feel that the trailer really captures the entire essence of the product and company, and identifies why it has become a family favourite for years.

Since the inception of the business in 1992, Sun Wah Foods Ltd has always been synonymous with quality food products. You can find our delicious chilli oil in many far eastern supermarkets and Cash ‘n’ Carry stores around London and across the UK.

Because of our growing distribution network, you’ll also find our products in many cities throughout the UK. We’ve proudly been an Oriental food favourite since 1992!

Online Expansion for our Chilli Oil Range

We are proud to announce that we will be launching our e-commerce store in May and are delighted to eventually have the capability to distribute our beloved Chilli Oil Range nationwide, and to focus on a Business to Customer (B2C) service, as well as a Business to Business (B2B) service.

We are partnering up with Ogden Fulfilment company to aid us in storage, picking, packing, and distribution service. This will ultimately save time and money, and allows us to expand extremely quickly.

Store, Pick, and Pack
Ogden Fulfilment

Please feel free to get in touch for further details.

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Deliciously aromatic chilli oil!

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