Chicken and Black Bean Chilli Oil

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Chicken and Black Bean Chilli Oil

Our newest addition to the infamous chilli oil range now comes in a Halal influenced product, as a Chicken and Black Bean Flavoured Chilli Oil.

The fusion between the Chicken and Black Bean is an old school combination, which draws out a great aromatic taste to the tongue.

We modified the original recipe from a rival company and made it our own because they only targeted one particular audience.

As they say, if you stay in one place, you won’t et nowhere, we were just more proactive and mass savvy.

It was essential because through our own market research, our unique recipe not only catered for a wider audience, but also captures the hearts of ‘halal’ customers.

This partnership has a great taste balance, which infuses the sweet, savoury, and spice altogether.

It has a low spice level, which makes every spoonful more-ish and goes typically well with your traditional oriental style foods such as rice and noodles.