Authentic Chilli Oil With Fantastic Flavour

Sun Wah Foods has been producing delicious chilli infused condiments in the UK since 1992. Our classic family recipe delivers oriental notes, buildable spice and unrivalled flavour. Use Sun Wah chilli oil to raise your cooking to a new level.

Focusing on taste, we select the richest ingredients transforming them using traditional techniques, giving Sun Wah chilli oils a delightful distinct flavour. Chilli flavoured oils have been used in cooking for centuries and with Sun Wah chilli oils you can create tasty Asian dishes in your home kitchen.

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Incredible Flavour

Flavour is the star of the show with our chilli oils delivering exceptional flavour as well as that extra kick you’re looking for – a combination unique to Sun Wah Foods.

The Perfect Balance

We use the perfect blend of aromatics, flavourings and dried chillis. Our chilli oils provides warmth and deliciousness you won’t find anywhere else.

Family Owned

Sun Wah Foods is a family owned and run business. We are chilli oil specialists with a passion for creating great tasting infused oils and condiments.

Versatile Product Range

One type of chilli oil just isn’t enough! We continually extend our product range, infusing our oils with both new and classic flavour pairings. Check out our chilli oil range below.

Vegetarian Chilli Oil 160g

Aromatic Chilli Oil (V)

Price: £3.50
Spice level: medium spice

Get the same tasty end result without the shrimps! Our vegan chilli oil is the perfect option for non-meat/fish eaters.

Chilli Oil with Shrimps 180g

Chilli Oil with Shrimp

Price: £3.50
Spice level: medium spice

Garlic, shrimps and chillies, a match made in heaven. The flavour intensity in this chilli oil is out of this world!

Chicken and Black Bean 160g

Chicken & Black Bean Chilli Oil

Price: £3.50
Spice level: low spice

We bring to you the classic combination of chicken and black bean – as a chilli oil infusion.

Peppercorns and Shrimps 180g

Chilli Oil with Peppercorns & Shrimps

Price: £3.50
Spice level: high progressive spice

The addition of peppercorns makes this chilli oil pack a real punch whilst adding a whole new flavour experience.

Chilli Oil Shallots and shrimps

Chilli Oil ‘X’

Price: £3.50
Spice level: high spice

Our Chilli Oil ‘X’ with fried shallots and shrimps delivers enhanced flavour.

Garlic Chilli Oil 170g

Crunchy Garlic (V)

Price: £3.50
Spice level: X high spice

For that extra intense heat, the garlicky taste really brings out the flavours of your meals.