3 Reasons Why Our Chilli Oil Tastes Good

3 Reasons Why Our Chilli Oil Tastes Good

We get it, our chilli oil tastes good! You can’t get enough of it! It’s so more-ish! It’s delicious!

We have a vast cultural customer base that this satisfies, and they all say the same thing.

We have a product that knocks the hammer into the nail… dead on…

chillioil tastes good

So, why does it taste so damn good?

Well, the first main reason is… well, just pure “passion”.

When you pour as much passion into a product than enjoyment itself, then you can produce any awesome product that your customers will love.

So, how does one identify “passion” in a product?

This is down to you, find out what you love doing and develop it, you get to a point where the feedback will tell you to keep going or stop. Fortunately for us, our Chilli Oil has made a positive impact on those that have tried it.

The second reason is the combination of ingredients.

It’s not just a matter of chucking everything together and hope for the best, the fusion and patience to blend these together require skill.

With help of one of the main ingredients, the shrimp paste, this is actually what gives our Chilli Oil the edge over all the other competitors.

We have exposed the shrimp paste’s true flavors through our cooking regime, and this is what gives it the “aromatic” smell.

The third reason is through the cooking procedure itself, whereby all the flavors are infused into one and fully exposed.

You can check out the link below to see the Chilli Oil at its cooking peak.


We use vegetable oil as it is able to withstand extremely high temperatures as opposed to other seedy based oils, which have a lower temperature resistance.

By using such a high temperature based oil, we can brandish the chillies and fully exploit all of its flavors.


With ever increasing popularity, our Chilli Oil has entered a vast cultural community, from satisfying Chinese families, to Asian, to African, and even the East European families.

It is without a doubt enjoyed by many.

Please check out your nearest stockist so you can taste it for yourself



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