5 Ways to Enjoy Your Chilli Oil

Favourite 5 to Enjoy Your Chilli Oil

Okay, so it seems a few you are having trouble identifying the need for chilli oil in general and how it can actually ‘spice’ up your meals. Some of you are still probably wondering what the f*** all the fuss is about this ‘chilli oil’ business?? And why is it popping up everywhere…

chilli oil 5 ways

Well, today is your lucky day, here are 5 ways you can enjoy it and implement it within your desired meal plan (in no particular order of favouritism).

All photos were googled, copied and used for descriptive purposes.


rice chilli oil

1). Rice – I particularly fancy the chilli oil with FRIED rice as opposed to plain rice, as it’s just a personal preference. I guess fried rice contains a bit more substance than plain, which adds to the overall flavour.

noodles chilli oil

2). Noodles – Again, similar to the rice combo, noodles is always a good choice to pour the chilli oil generously. It goes well with either, fried or soup based noodles.

dumplings chilli oil

3). Dumplings – The chilli oil used for dumplings are generally served as a side dish as a dip. For less spice, one can add vinegar to it and the dip becomes more vinaigrette… hence, more-ish.

fish balls_skewer chilli oil

4). Fish Balls – A classic snack mainly accepted by the far eastern culture, but has slowly integrated it’s presence into the western scene due to it’s originality and appeal.

bread chilli oil

5). Sandwiches – This was an eye opener, as I had a few people claiming to use this in their sandwiches. I’m not going to lie, I was dubious, but I gave it a try nonetheless. Thankfully, I did!

I am not suggesting spreading it like butter on plain bread but as an enhancer to the current filling and spread i.e tuna and cucumber, marinated chicken salad, and even the classic ham and cheese.

You will be surprised the’kick’ it gives to the overall experience.

There you have it, I am sure there are more creative ways to utilise our chilli oil in your cooking or preparation, please take time to check out your nearest stockist so you can start experimenting with your food.



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