A Creative Brand

Does your creative brand reach out?

How is it you are reaching out to new and potential customers? Are you being creative enough to get your brand noticed? What creative tools are you implementing into your marketing strategy to maximise the effect?

It is difficult in this day and age to break through the busy market place, with thousands of businesses also trying to do the same… but exactly HOW will you stand out from the rest?

One way I am using is via social media. The great thing is that it is FREE!

Tools such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter were all created just for this purpose, to be seen by many, and interact ‘socially’ amongst peers globally.

Effective use of these tools can proper identify your brand in an instant.

Above is a 1 minute 16 second show reel of my brand and the products I am representing. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD AND VIEW.

This is just one method out of many I am currently utilising to maximise the effect. However, this does require consistency and continuously pushing USEFUL content out into the market place, hoping to get noticed.

It didn’t cost much to do, just time and effort, and a few contacts within the FIVERR community to achieve this simple yet creative advertisement.

 Grab the attention

It has come to the point where our oils have gone through multiple face lifts just to get to where it is today.

While there is always room for improvement, I suppose it’s quirkiness is rather appealing and an eye catcher to retailers and passer bys.

180_720 creative brand

The physical product is here. Now it needs some marketing.

“Go where the people are” – this is always a good place to start when marketing.

Social media platforms are powerful tools when used correctly and can reach an army of eagle eyed customers at a click of a button.

We are in the digital era now, the physical aspect is old school and in need of a modern day twist.

We thank the Internet for it’s presence and ability to allow us to freely distribute content worldwide.

If you do not have an ‘online’ presence, it will be difficult to compete with those that do when things get sour.

You can view our current suppliers and see which one is nearest to you

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