Alla’s Yummy Food and Sun Wah Chilli Oil

Alla’s Yummy Food Social Media Influence

Finally, we have dropped a series of scrumptious videos, courtesy of Alla’s Yummy Food, for you to enjoy!

Alla's Yummy Food

For those that are brave enough can actually attempt to recreate these tantalising recipes at home, they’re so easy to make.

The cool thing is that we reached out to Alla to see if our Chilli Oil could be introduced into her style of cooking. Thankfully she loved the product!

She was introduced by a good friend and we connected immediately.

Alla is a Russian and Latvian Food influencer and is very prominent on YouTube with a whopping 68k subscribers!

We agreed on potentially HOW to use it and Alla, using her creative genius, came up with a list of yummy recipes, which I skimmed down to three.

With her online influence, it was a great way to extend exposure to our brand and produce a unique way to demonstrate our product, especially in the food space.

“They’re all my favourites… I just want to try them all… Alla is so talented!”

Below are the links to the full recipes on YouTube.

Please subscribe to Alla’s Yummy Food on her YouTube channel for more amazing and creative food ideas.

She is also on all the other major social media platforms, follow her NOW @allasyummyfood

Double Chocolate Chilli Cheesecake

An extremely chocolatey cheesecake with a slight chilli tingle is enough to make everyone salivate.

Topped with fresh cream and chocolate sauce on it’s crunchy base texture, this concoction of pure delight is ideal for any home party. It will definitely be a hit with the guests!

Cheddar Chilli Corn Fritters

An easy to do fritter, which requires minimal ingredients and effort.

Once fried, the texture that comes from the crunchy sweetcorn along with the blend of cheese, flour and parsley is just immense.

The hint of Chilli Oil also gives it that little punch in the face. Yum!

Caribbean Jerk and Peach Chilli Sauce

Now this is an amazing sauce that goes well when marinating your meat for a barbecue, or just a snazzy dish to impress the family.

The richness from the peach, the flavour from the jerk mix, and the highlight from the Chilli Oil, all contribute to an epic Caribbean influenced sauce.

This will undoubtedly be enjoyed by everyone who fancies something slightly different in their food.

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