Always Be Learning Something New

Learning How to Integrate a Platform within Shopify

A month ago, Sun Wah got involved in a space where a whole new learning experience was waiting for them.

Launching an online platform, without any prior experience was a challenge in itself.

With apps available now at your disposal in 2017, building an e-commerce site cannot be easier.

The great thing about these apps are the fact that you can integrate them together to enhance the whole ‘shopping’ experience.

Thus providing the sales cycle even more depth without being too ‘salesy’.


Learning Mailchimp Sun Wah

An awesome example is utilising Mailchimp with Shopify.

As well as being a product information site, Mailchimp provides the ability to engage with the customer. This ensures customer value and retention.

As a customer subscribes to our list, in exchange, we provide a nice little discount for them to use.

This email now is my key to keeping customers engaged with our brand, letting them know what new products we can offer, and more importantly, what discounts or promotions they can get for being loyal.

“Learning something new only strengthens my philosophy to growing a successful business.”

The Sales Cycle

The ultimate aim for an ecommerce website is to generate sales.

It is an additional sales channel for the Sun Wah business model to sell more Chilli Oil.

The priority is to create a funnel of leads and traffic to the main site.

Going hand in hand is educating customers on our brand and WHY we stand out from the rest.

Learning the sales cycle ecommerce

What we are trying to accomplish is still an arduous task ahead, but what we are doing now IS working.

We need to continue to generate much more traffic, so inevitably, we are working with an SEO company to help us improve page rankings.

Generating sales requires appropriate marketing, be it on social media, leaflet distribution, or running a physical stall.

From here, it snowballs, the money you spend here is only the start, you shouldn’t stop but continue to keep creating different opportunities.

The ‘Thank You Economy’

Learning the thank you economy

As influenced by one of the greatest business motivators, Gary Vaynerchuk, his ‘Thank you Economy‘ is on the basis that when you treat your customers right, the return is exponential.

But be sure to give more than you receive, and do it an a way where you don’t expect a return, the ROI will be mind blowing.

These gift cards are not just for existing customers, but mainly aimed for the new customer or potential new customer.

It shows we are customer oriented and learning how to deal with them in a way where the process is exactly how you want to be treated.

It also keeps us in their minds, if they don’t buy now, that gift card will remind them of the experience they had before. The discount code should also trigger an impulse action (backed up with the education on the Chilli Oils).


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