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It has been almost a year since our last blog post, and this has been due to the lack of motivation from last year.

I mean, it was difficult to continue something where the business was taking a dramatic spiral turn, and ultimately not making any money.

As most businesses would’ve folded (something we nearly did), we secured a private investment to continue our services. This meant we could dream big and push our limits to achieving the once was, impossible.

We aim to ensure every body not only eats their food, but enjoys it.

How do we do this? By creating a product that looks good, smells great, and tastes absolutely delicious.

The Sun Wah Chilli Oil.

Online store Peppercorns
Screenshot for Shopify

By readjusting our business model, our investment has allowed us to expand dramatically, although this is a gradual climb, the potential to scale is immense.

Focusing on one main part of the business, as opposed to 3 different things, was advantageous as this allows us to go all in and do it better.

“You need to stand out amongst the noise, web presence is extremely noisy”

The ultimate aim is to build a web presence, draw potential customers to our sales page, and get people to buy our awesome products.

We are in 2017, where social media rules, along with the internet to fuel it’s magic.

Hence, starting this blog on a weekly basis will enable our company to provide value on what we do, how we do it, and WHY we do what we do.

You can still view our previous blog posts to re-engage with our operations by scrolling down to the bottom of this page.

These blog posts will summarise our weekly activities and provide a behind the scenes attribute to ensure people, that what we are doing is not some fairy dust operation.

People love to see the work that goes on.

But, they do not realise how much work is required for: an online store, a perishable product, a delivery service, a fulfilment collaboration, the manufacturing process, the hard earned labour that gets poured into every single jar of Chilli Oil.

We have a great product and what the above image represents is our NEW online store, which will be ready at the end of month.

Orders can manually be processed for the time being, but once the front end payment gateway is setup, then we are ready to serve our loyal customers direct.

In the meantime, please share our posts to each of our social media platforms, the more you share, the more our product gets into more homes.