New Sachets and Collaboration

New Sachets and Collaboration

A very interesting week with a new packaging solution arriving (after a few weeks of getting it right) and a collaboration, which will put a new spin on our marketing direction.

We are working with Colman Packaging Ltd, to bring our customer’s an alternative form of product.

The sachet has been around for a while, but we never seized an opportunity to bring it to life or to market.

Due to demand and the wide services available today in the food industry, this partnership has finally become a reality.

There are two main forms: one with a mix of oil and flakes, and the other, just oil.

20g sachets, which is enough for one portion per person.

Convenience is the obvious solution here; grab, open, pour, and eat. The packaging is discarded. Simple.

New oil sachet
New oil sachet
New sachet packs
New sachet packs


“The sachets are convenient for distribution, lightweight, and portion controlled…”





They can be improved further, by either implementing foil packaging or printed branding on the pack.

Our priority here though, is to get these packs into potential customer’s hands, which prove great as distributional material.

If you fancy a taster sample please get in contact with us, alternatively, visit our website to view our range of delicious oils.

Collaboration with @allasyummyfood

Alla is a Russian/Latvian food based influencer, who creates tantalising dishes and documents them in YouTube format.

Please follow Alla @allasyummyfood on her YouTube channel and subscribe for updates.

We reached out to her through a friend, and Alla agreed on producing 3 recipes using our Chilli Oil.

As you know, the social media space is where your business should be if you want to dominate over your competitors.

This was a massive opportunity for us to reach further afield, and capture new market share.

We will use our current position in the Oriental market as a stepping stone to branch outwards to new markets, such as westernised and African cultures.

“@allasyummyfood is an awesome YouTuber. Her recipes look great.”

Below are the 3 recipes Alla has produced. Looks great doesn’t it?!

The videos are currently being edited. Once they are done, they will be shared for all to see.

New recipe collaboration chocolate New recipe corn fritters New recipe Caribbean sauce

These new recipes will create a buzz in our business, since our competitors are not ‘web present’ and ‘socially active’ anyway.

If these do well, a regular slot for Alla in our business model will definitely boost our credibility and brand awareness.

For more information on our services and updates on our online store, please follow @sunwahfoods on our Instagram page.

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Weekly Blog to Resume

Sun Wah Foods Blog
Blog image

It has been almost a year since our last blog post, and this has been due to the lack of motivation from last year.

I mean, it was difficult to continue something where the business was taking a dramatic spiral turn, and ultimately not making any money.

As most businesses would’ve folded (something we nearly did), we secured a private investment to continue our services. This meant we could dream big and push our limits to achieving the once was, impossible.

We aim to ensure every body not only eats their food, but enjoys it.

How do we do this? By creating a product that looks good, smells great, and tastes absolutely delicious.

The Sun Wah Chilli Oil.

Online store Peppercorns
Screenshot for Shopify

By readjusting our business model, our investment has allowed us to expand dramatically, although this is a gradual climb, the potential to scale is immense.

Focusing on one main part of the business, as opposed to 3 different things, was advantageous as this allows us to go all in and do it better.

“You need to stand out amongst the noise, web presence is extremely noisy”

The ultimate aim is to build a web presence, draw potential customers to our sales page, and get people to buy our awesome products.

We are in 2017, where social media rules, along with the internet to fuel it’s magic.

Hence, starting this blog on a weekly basis will enable our company to provide value on what we do, how we do it, and WHY we do what we do.

You can still view our previous blog posts to re-engage with our operations by scrolling down to the bottom of this page.

These blog posts will summarise our weekly activities and provide a behind the scenes attribute to ensure people, that what we are doing is not some fairy dust operation.

People love to see the work that goes on.

But, they do not realise how much work is required for: an online store, a perishable product, a delivery service, a fulfilment collaboration, the manufacturing process, the hard earned labour that gets poured into every single jar of Chilli Oil.

We have a great product and what the above image represents is our NEW online store, which will be ready at the end of month.

Orders can manually be processed for the time being, but once the front end payment gateway is setup, then we are ready to serve our loyal customers direct.

In the meantime, please share our posts to each of our social media platforms, the more you share, the more our product gets into more homes.

3 Reasons Why Our Chilli Oil Tastes Good

3 Reasons Why Our Chilli Oil Tastes Good

We get it, our chilli oil tastes good! You can’t get enough of it! It’s so more-ish! It’s delicious!

We have a vast cultural customer base that this satisfies, and they all say the same thing.

We have a product that knocks the hammer into the nail… dead on…

chillioil tastes good

So, why does it taste so damn good?

Well, the first main reason is… well, just pure “passion”.

When you pour as much passion into a product than enjoyment itself, then you can produce any awesome product that your customers will love.

So, how does one identify “passion” in a product?

This is down to you, find out what you love doing and develop it, you get to a point where the feedback will tell you to keep going or stop. Fortunately for us, our Chilli Oil has made a positive impact on those that have tried it.

The second reason is the combination of ingredients.

It’s not just a matter of chucking everything together and hope for the best, the fusion and patience to blend these together require skill.

With help of one of the main ingredients, the shrimp paste, this is actually what gives our Chilli Oil the edge over all the other competitors.

We have exposed the shrimp paste’s true flavors through our cooking regime, and this is what gives it the “aromatic” smell.

The third reason is through the cooking procedure itself, whereby all the flavors are infused into one and fully exposed.

You can check out the link below to see the Chilli Oil at its cooking peak.


We use vegetable oil as it is able to withstand extremely high temperatures as opposed to other seedy based oils, which have a lower temperature resistance.

By using such a high temperature based oil, we can brandish the chillies and fully exploit all of its flavors.


With ever increasing popularity, our Chilli Oil has entered a vast cultural community, from satisfying Chinese families, to Asian, to African, and even the East European families.

It is without a doubt enjoyed by many.

Please check out your nearest stockist so you can taste it for yourself



Noodles with Spam and Egg

Noodles with Spam and Egg

As everybody is so conscientious with time, they forget the simple things in life, such as EATING, posting their latest Instagram post, or even taking the trash out. Here is where this classic recipe can infiltrate one’s busy lifestyle, Noodles with Spam and Egg.

All the ingredients are easily available from your local supermarket and are items that take no time to prepare and cook.

It’s all about fast simmering, frying, and eating… out the door with a warm feeling in your belly.

What you need:

  • A pack of oriental style noodles (udon, fine, thick, egg)
  • Tin of spam (well, a 2-3 slices is suffice)
  • 1 egg (or 2)
  • Sun Wah Chilli Oil (on standby)

What to do:

  1. Boil some water in a pan
  2. Quickly fry the 2-3 slices of spam in a frying pan, both sides until brown in color, and set aside
  3. Put the noodles in the boiling water and wait till it loosens up
  4. Crack the egg(s) into the noodles and mix it up, you will notice the egg turn white
  5. Take off the heat and pour into a bowl of your choice
  6. Add the spam
  7. Add a dollop of Sun Wah Chilli Oil

“So quick and easy to do, it’s great for busy people on the go!”

noodles with spam

This is why our Sun Wah Chilli Oil is so versatile and delicious with pretty much anything you put your imagination and creativity to.

The great thing about oriental style noodles is that you can put anything you want into mix and it will always taste great. Add a different kind of meat, add some seasoning, add some vegetables… the list is endless.

The main thing is that it is quick and simple to do/prepare.

Check out your nearest stockist and if they don’t sell it then please get in touch and we can arrange something for you

Vegetarian Chilli Oil

We serve a Vegetarian option also

It’s fair to say, with all the meat that floats around, we take it for granted that, and also assume that everyone eats meat. It’s within our DNA to assume so. When did the first vegetarian take a stand and say “Away with meat, I’m going to give it up and become healthier!”

That being said, the statement bodes well for a large number of vegetarians today, all in pursuit for a ‘purer’ body.

Whilst meat (including seafood) is considered unhealthy, depending on it’s presentation, the latter confide in alternative luxuries.

Who said you can’t enjoy your food without meat??

So in order satisfy one party, you got to at least cater for the other half (but in most cases, you CANNOT satisfy everybody…)

vegetarian chilli oil

We, at Sun Wah decided to approach our best seller from this vantage point and produce a non shrimp based product suitable for vegetarians… otherwise known as the Vegetarian Chilli Oil.

Simply, we took our best seller, the Chilli Oil with Shrimps, and just took out the shrimps… easy.

Now we have a product that most people can enjoy, which tastes just as good as the meat based one! RESULT!

This approach now opens our doors to a much wider market, typically the Asian community.

With as much Asians as there are Chinese, this product can be just as popular as our best seller.

Today, people have a well developed taste palette, so they can taste a dud product when it goes under the radar.

Our Vegetarian Chilli Oil at the moment comes in one size 160g, but can be batched into bulk if and when.

We hope that this product will get into most customer’s hands and into their homes soon, so they can spread the word to their families and friends.

You can view our current suppliers and see where your nearest stockist is located.

A Creative Brand

Does your creative brand reach out?

How is it you are reaching out to new and potential customers? Are you being creative enough to get your brand noticed? What creative tools are you implementing into your marketing strategy to maximise the effect?

It is difficult in this day and age to break through the busy market place, with thousands of businesses also trying to do the same… but exactly HOW will you stand out from the rest?

One way I am using is via social media. The great thing is that it is FREE!

Tools such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter were all created just for this purpose, to be seen by many, and interact ‘socially’ amongst peers globally.

Effective use of these tools can proper identify your brand in an instant.

Above is a 1 minute 16 second show reel of my brand and the products I am representing. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD AND VIEW.

This is just one method out of many I am currently utilising to maximise the effect. However, this does require consistency and continuously pushing USEFUL content out into the market place, hoping to get noticed.

It didn’t cost much to do, just time and effort, and a few contacts within the FIVERR community to achieve this simple yet creative advertisement.

 Grab the attention

It has come to the point where our oils have gone through multiple face lifts just to get to where it is today.

While there is always room for improvement, I suppose it’s quirkiness is rather appealing and an eye catcher to retailers and passer bys.

180_720 creative brand

The physical product is here. Now it needs some marketing.

“Go where the people are” – this is always a good place to start when marketing.

Social media platforms are powerful tools when used correctly and can reach an army of eagle eyed customers at a click of a button.

We are in the digital era now, the physical aspect is old school and in need of a modern day twist.

We thank the Internet for it’s presence and ability to allow us to freely distribute content worldwide.

If you do not have an ‘online’ presence, it will be difficult to compete with those that do when things get sour.

You can view our current suppliers and see which one is nearest to you

Social Media – Be known or Be Thrown!

Is Social Media the Right Move?

So, we live in an age where technology is vast growing and every move we commit to is available to us 24/7 all in the palm of our hands… please welcome the form of “Social Media”.

Let’s break it down:

Social – be part of a community, being connected with people, companionship

Media – tools used to deliver information or data, a form of communication

I suppose that when the first form of real media was invented, i.e. the radio (audio media), and the television (combination of visual and audio media).

It was sort of a one way media stream, where there was only output and no feedback system.

This dominated the world and people were heavily consumed with this “new” technology until some clever clogs decided to go a step further and invent the internet to really connect the world with each other.

The rest is history.

social media

Billions of people worldwide have access to the internet, with most having connectivity via their mobile handset or at home via their PC.

Now people can connect with each other without even setting foot outside of their home. The power is just too immense.

On a personal level, this is great, as you can meet people all over the world and visit parts of the world where you cannot go physically.

In terms of business use, this method of “Social Media” can actually become a goldmine.

Imagine connecting with other businesses all over the world, who can have an influence on your own business.

This makes networking easier and all this can be done without the traditional face to face meetings.

The NOW social media tools are: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, and many more.

It’s about identifying what your business is comfortable with and just blow it up.

Utilise multiple social media tools to maximise your online presence.

If you have a business large or small, and are on the fence on using social media, then it’s fair to say that the opportunity to GROW your business will be fairly slim if you don’t consider it.

How will other businesses get to even know you and your company? How will they know what products and services you provide? How can they contact you?

The internet was created to transmit data worldwide, if you are not part of the movement, then I’m afraid you will fall behind.

Handmade Dumplings

Juicy Handmade Dumplings with a Dash of Chilli Oil

So how about an easy recipe to experiment with your first taste of our Sun Wah Chilli Oil? We present the classic handmade dumplings with a dip in sauce.

Despite what people might think, dumplings are relatively simple to do and just requires little patience in ‘building’ your little parcels of delight.

Once made, and once you get caught going OTT, you can pop them into the freezer and bring them out whenever you feel the urge. Because they pretty much require little time to cook, so they are the answer for a quick and delicious pick me up.

Great for a quick snack, lunch, or even a side dish served alongside your main course.

Ok, so here’s a quick run down on the ingredients for both the pastry, filling and dip in sauce:

Pastry: Plain flour and water – simply pour some flour onto a flat surface, make a hole in the middle and add some water in it. Now, using your hands, work the flour into the water until it becomes a dough like texture (knead).

Once the mixture has formed into a dough, cut off small balls around 3-4cm in diameter.

Use a rolling pin and roll out small flat pancakes to about 7-8cm in diameter.

Depending on the quantity of flour and water, you can make an average of about 30-40 pastries.

Filling: pork mince (or other meat if preferred), choice of vegetables (again, depends on preference and diced up finely, usually 2 types is suffice), chicken powder, ginger and water, spring onions, sugar, soy sauce, olive oil, sesame seed oil, xiaoshing wine (cooking wine), 1 egg, and some salt. Mix into the pork mince: ginger water, xiaoshing wine and spring onion FIRST (use hand or wooden spoon if you have). This removes the raw pork smell.

Then add the egg to gel the ingredients together.

Now add the rest of the ingredients leaving the VEGETABLES LAST to put in. This is due to the water content it produces when diced and blended together.

Mix it altogether a final time. If too dry then add some olive oil to to loosen the mixture.

Dip in Sauce: Sun Wah Chilli Oil and soy sauce – Add a tablespoon of Sun Wah Chilli Oil in a small dish then add some soy sauce to it, done.


Wrapping the Dumplings

Now all you have to is to grab a pastry, put a spoonful of filling in it and wrap it to form the dumpling shape. This is the tricky part but after a few attempts, is where the fun begins.

Cooking the Dumplings

You can either steam the dumplings for about 10 minutes or shallow fry the dumplings for about 5 minutes until golden in colour.

We will soon have this blog represented on our YouTube channel, which will show you exactly how to create your own dumplings and dip in sauce.

In the meantime, you can find our Stir Fried Chicken with Szechuan Twist and Stir Fried Ribs with Sun Wah Chilli Oil recipes via YouTube.


Are You Building Your Brand?

Get your brand heard, break through the noise

If you are planning to start a business, you should identify a product which satisfies a problem. Once you do a few of these successfully, you are slowly building a reputable business. Now, all you need to is to build your business into a brand, so everybody will know who you are, what you do, and how well you do it.

Once you get the ball rolling and you are slowly becoming better at your niche (so be it), you would want to aim a little higher and get it out there.

But as we know it, the market place can be a tad ‘noisy’, so how will you break through the barriers and get yourself noticed??

brand yourself

You have to be realistic and look at the current options, because what you are doing now is sooo 1990.

The Internet is booming and at a phenomenally fast pace, and to keep up can be daunting. But to be in this space, can make you into ‘something’, and something BIG.

With millions of users in one space at any one time, it’s crazy to think that you wouldn’t want to be part of it.

Use it to your advantage, find out what other people are doing and do it to your standard.

It’s about duplication. Everyone does it, but add your own essence to it.

What are you doing that’s different from that other guy across the street?

If you can identify this unique trait and make yourself known on the digital space, you will become successful over time. FREE TIP: Do what others won’t do and do it. 

brand essence

Think about how everyone (if not, then at least 90% of the world’s population) is consumed by their mobile phone.

Social media is a massive market and it’s ALL there in the palm of your hand.

It’s all about being persistent and consistent with your brand strategy and continually exposing your brand to the masses. Eventually YOU will get recognised.

Brand is important to your business because it defines YOU.

The easiest and simplest way to start building your own brand is by implementing SOCIAL MEDIA into your business. Implement more than one tool if you can, to spread wide.

See what works and focus on what does, then work on your brand DEEP. As in try to master Facebook (for example), so you understand what it takes to reach out to new people.


Is Your Customer Service Skill Up To Par?

Excelling in your customer service skills

Let’s face it, whatever industry you’re in, you ARE a salesperson, you need to SELL your products or services to other people and/or businesses. Therefore this requires an unprecedented amount of customer service skills.

Albeit a rather loose term, a salesperson is often regarded as the ‘bad’ guy, the typical gift of the gab, con artist appearing door to door to sell you unwanted items that you don’t even need.

These people don’t have customer service, they have an intention to steal your money.

Well, as some of it may be true, due to the lengths that these ‘sales people’ will go to to close a sale, not all of these sales persons are out there to scam your money.

A business needs to be run, and it need customers, therefore one must SELL their products or service in order to have a legitimate business.

Having excellent customer service skills is essential to not only get new clients, but retain EXISTING customers.

big_smile_customer service customer service-experience

However, it’s not as simple as speaking to a stranger and they will immediately become a customer, it’s actually a skill in itself, believe it or not.

You’re not born with great customer service ability, it’s built over time.

Building rapport with the potential client and having that honest persona, provides authenticity in wanting to help others because you know your product or service will serve them well.

You’re product or service MUST solve their problem. Identify this and you WILL acquire customers.

But once these problems are solved, then what?

Then it is up to you to provide that EXTRA value to your customer.

Some will do enough just to satisfy their clients.

But in order to WOW your customer, be prepared to go that extra mile.

Do things they aren’t expecting.

Treat them like royalty, because retention is the difference between a long term solution and a short term turnover stand.

Don’t get confused though, this does not happen over night.

There are businesses that have ‘old’ clients for over 10, 20 years. If that’s not customer service, then the product must be exceptional.

Be patient, it does require work to keep them happy, but at the end of the day, if they are happy, your business will be happy.