Teaming up with Pure Elements Design to Remarket and Rebrand Sun Wah Foods


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In order to increase our brand and awareness, we had to completely give Sun Wah a whole new facelift in terms of marketing to the right audience and being noticed in a market where there’s too much noise.

Pure Elements gave us that edge with modern and up to date designs that will get us noticed amongst other competitors, and provide a more corporate feel to our new brochure and correspondence.



New Vegetarian and Pure Chilli Oil for 2015


In addition to our popular and recently developed New packaged 180g Chilli Oil, we are proud to present a further 2 products to add to the range of chilli oil. The 160g Vegetarian Chilli Oil and the 150ml Pure Chilli Oil Extract.

Our constantly updated FaceBook Page shows how our business is greatly appreciated by all. We do this this to keep our peers in the loop on new products and promotions because as we know, the best form of marketing is definitely via the traditional word of mouth.

Promo Video 2


Promotional Video 2:

The second adaptation to the previous first ‘homemade’ video using the ever so powerful iPhone 6 Plus built in “iMovie” application.

After experimenting with the first video, the second one would be much improved focussing on brand awareness. The quality of this second video is much more precise and based around the business itself and what it does. Whereas the initial video was abit of fun and qwerky.

This video can be viewed on our FaceBook page “Sun Wah Foods”, whereby it’s reception was greatly received.

New Look Chilli Oil Available Now!!


The long awaited square jar chilli oil is available in your local oriental store NOW. Don’t wait around, check out where your local store is and stock your cupboards.

It is plastic to maintain freshness, with a plastic cap that actually screws on properly in comparison to the original one which had an issue with leakages and minimal thread for a tighter seal.

This new look not only enhances its original look by a mile but actually the novelty aspect that it’s different from other brands visually, is a direct appeal already. Our regular customers will notice the change but will definitely not forget the delicious taste of the aromatic flavours of the Chilli Oil.

It was a controversial decision to replace our popular 110g jar, however, the change is for the better. You can enjoy the Oil much longer and share with your family and friends!

Promo Video!


Available to view on our Facebook page “Sun Wah Foods”

To promote awareness of our brand, a quick video using an app on the iPhone 6 Plus, was created. This started initially as a bit of fun, and was received well by the locals. But there was substance to it, so there is room for improvement and to create even better videos later on.

Further videos or trailers will be produced as the whole process was simple to direct, just have to fill it with suitable content. Due to the ease of the app use and it’s ‘Freeness’, teaser videos will be made in order to bring additional awareness to our brand Sun Wah Foods. It’s about being noticed and getting other people’s attention, which did its job pretty well.

It was only 36 seconds long with a cheesy appearance from the owner and family (heavily criticised for it) but this is what brings that appeal to the video and throws the attention out there for all to view.

The next video will be in the style of a movie trailer, which is more hand crafted for a more serious vibe. So please stay in touch for updates.

Try this simple fish ball recipe!!

Quick and easy recipe using our Fish Balls and other fantastic oriental products!

Feeds 4 and ready in less than 30 mins.


  • 1 onion
  • 6 frankfurters
  • 6 sticks of celery
  • 2 packs of ho-fun
  • 1 pack of 200g Sun Wah fish balls (try our other delicious flavours also)



  1. Slice the onion, halve the fishballs and chop the celery and frankfurters into small chunks.
  2. Split and separate the ho-fun to make it easier to cook.
  3. Heat your wok on a high heat, add cooking oil then fry the onions for a few minutes.
  4. Add the celery, frankfurters and fish balls.
  5. Season to taste with salt and sugar.
  6. Once the celery becomes soft, stir in the ho-fun with a bit of water to help it cook.
  7. Mix in a few tablespoons of oyster sauce till it becomes brown.
  8. Add sesame oil to taste.
  9. (Optional) If you like it hot and spicy, add some Sun Wah Chilli Oil.
  10. Serve piping hot, and enjoy!
Ho-fun with Fishball Stir Fry



Our latest marketing tool, old school leaflets!!

These were made as a tool to promote brand awareness to the masses. I guess old school is sometimes just as effective marketing strategy as the latest trends such as through social media.

Strategically placed in existing customer’s stores, it will create an awareness to the public and hopefully generate an interest for when they are ‘shopping around’.

In terms of finding new business, distributing these coupling a covering letter will definitely grab the potential customer’s attention.

It’s colourful, contains the necessary information one needs to know about the product, and is not crammed with misleading content. Straight to the point, direct marketing.

Plastic is Fantastic!!


With February just days away, we are extremely excited in revealing our new shaped Chilli Oil jars! This will undoubtedly give our infamous product over other brands being unique in design, colour, and obviously the taste by far.

With an increased in size from 110g to 180g, customers can enjoy more for longer, hence won’t be a total burnout for the pocket. Aside the fact that it has taken the new shape of a square jar, I’m sure this will attract the eyes of potential customers as it’s different and aesthetically pleasing.

Coinciding with the launch of our new Cuttlefish Ball, we are pushing for recognition in the society and offering customers with options, as you know, we always strive for different things constantly.

Maintaining our high levels of customer service, our regular punters are our best source of feedback, with every critique, our products improve continuously. It has been said, you don’t always stay the best for long.

New Product Review!

Fried Cuttlefish Balls, Tom Yum Flavor!

Our recently trialled product has gone a huge success with positive feedback on taste and popularity. This will be a product that will be greatly accepted in the stores and become a hit with regulars.

The twist with this product is the fact that it has a Thai element to it, which is the Tom Yum enhancement. As Tom Yum is associated with a soup base, the distinct flavour was a risky approach to our fishball range as there are many who find the Tom Yum mix strong on the lemongrass side of things. So the balance of the ingredients had to be perfect.

After getting this right, some regular punters (a few stores) immediately stocked this product on their shelves and is receiving good sales. However, this still needs extra push if it is to appear regularly in customer’s homes. There are a few other stores that still need persuading to stock this new flavour, but this needs persistence, it will happen so stay tuned!!



Work Ethic


This week is a week where Sun Wah Foods Ltd will begin its journey to become distributed Nationwide. And we are not talking about just being distributed via another supplier…

We now have the ability to partner with a well known chilled distributor by whom can deliver our fresh stock directly to the customer’s doorstep in any part of the UK either next day or a standard 3 day service.

This new service will eliminate any third party costs and therefore is a cost effective method by just having a low cost delivery service as opposed to operating another vehicle route, additional wages, fuel surcharges etc.

We do hope that those who do come on board and want to work with us feel that our new service will be organised smoothly and  run professionally. After all, customer satisfaction is what we are all about and have been for 20 years.

However, this is just the first step, the next big step is actually prospecting potential customers around the UK and gaining their trust and build rapport in order to create a long term relationship with them. This will generate a new economy for Sun Wah Foods Ltd! So a lot to do for the New Year, let’s go and grab this and take it to another level…