5 Ways to Enjoy Your Chilli Oil

Favourite 5 to Enjoy Your Chilli Oil

Okay, so it seems a few you are having trouble identifying the need for chilli oil in general and how it can actually ‘spice’ up your meals. Some of you are still probably wondering what the f*** all the fuss is about this ‘chilli oil’ business?? And why is it popping up everywhere…

chilli oil 5 ways

Well, today is your lucky day, here are 5 ways you can enjoy it and implement it within your desired meal plan (in no particular order of favouritism).

All photos were googled, copied and used for descriptive purposes.


rice chilli oil

1). Rice – I particularly fancy the chilli oil with FRIED rice as opposed to plain rice, as it’s just a personal preference. I guess fried rice contains a bit more substance than plain, which adds to the overall flavour.

noodles chilli oil

2). Noodles – Again, similar to the rice combo, noodles is always a good choice to pour the chilli oil generously. It goes well with either, fried or soup based noodles.

dumplings chilli oil

3). Dumplings – The chilli oil used for dumplings are generally served as a side dish as a dip. For less spice, one can add vinegar to it and the dip becomes more vinaigrette… hence, more-ish.

fish balls_skewer chilli oil

4). Fish Balls – A classic snack mainly accepted by the far eastern culture, but has slowly integrated it’s presence into the western scene due to it’s originality and appeal.

bread chilli oil

5). Sandwiches – This was an eye opener, as I had a few people claiming to use this in their sandwiches. I’m not going to lie, I was dubious, but I gave it a try nonetheless. Thankfully, I did!

I am not suggesting spreading it like butter on plain bread but as an enhancer to the current filling and spread i.e tuna and cucumber, marinated chicken salad, and even the classic ham and cheese.

You will be surprised the’kick’ it gives to the overall experience.

There you have it, I am sure there are more creative ways to utilise our chilli oil in your cooking or preparation, please take time to check out your nearest stockist so you can start experimenting with your food.



Tuna Cucumber Sandwich Chilli Oil Twist

An old classic with a Chilli Oil twist

So the title says it all. I came across this raised eyebrow query when a regular customer said that he loves the chilli oil every time he makes a ‘tuna and cucumber sandwich’.

As soon as he said this, I immediately gave that “Are you kidding me?!” look and obviously was stunned with that peculiar combination. Almost as weird as one customer spreading the chilli oil on TOAST…

However, despite the disparity, he was adamant for me to try it and would make me ‘his’ version of the classic tuna and cucumber sandwich. I agreed.

A couple days later, I received this ‘modified’ sandwich and had it for lunch. It was a warm Wednesday afternoon about 2pm when I took the first bite.

BY GOSH! I was taken back. I couldn’t help but to have more. It was definitely the tuna and cucumber concoction, but with a slight tingle to it. I LOVED IT!

Who would’ve known that the unlikely combination could actually be so tasty, so I have decided to give you a simple run down of how to create your OWN Tuna and Cucumber Chilli Oil Twist:


Step 1). Get a nice soft loaf of bread (of your choice) and cut into thick slices. Grab 2 slices.


Step 2). Get a tin of tuna chunks (again, of your choice) and spread generously on your 2 slices. You can implement mayonnaise if need be.


Step 3). Add a drizzle of your favourite Sun Wah Chilli Oil for that extra kick (more or less depending on your awesomeness of spice level)


Step 4). Add a few slices of cucumber… just for a bit of colour :p


Step 5). Slap the 2 slices of bread together and eat it like a boss!

There you have it! A quick and easy snack to prepare and make, and eating it will be slow and enjoyable.

Find out where your nearest stockists are to obtain some delicious chilli oil



Our Trusted Thermo-Logistic Distributor

Fresh Move – Thermo-Logistic Distributor

Being a family business, the goal of expanding has always been a dream and to become a nationwide name, is unbelievable. To make this happen, one must partner up with a known distributor.

In 2016, we have access to many businesses that offer services that your company can sometimes benefit from.

It’s fact that in order for your business to grow, you need to invest in outsourcing certain services, so you as a Director, can focus on other essential activity, such as marketing and branding.




Fresh Move have been established since 2009 and provides a very convenient refrigerated transport/distributor service, which enables NATIONWIDE delivery (UK based).

Did I mention a Door to Door service?? Yes, they pick up from our company and deliver the goods directly to the recipients door.

We have used their service for the past year now and have only had positive results from them.

Their work ethic and system is clear with cutting edge temperature technology, which incorporates a LIVE tracking system that shows you when, where, and what time your goods have been picked up and delivered.

Not only do they provide a CHILLED distributor service, but they can deliver AMBIENT goods too. Very convenient!

Now, I know what you’re thinking, this guy must be getting commission or working for them on the side.

Hmm nope. I don’t get commission.

I pay them for the service that they provide and if you think about it, it is a win win situation.

The door to door service and electronic feedback ensures a prompt delivery service, so it gives our company a bit of breathing space, as we figure out the more important stuff like what’s for lunch?

Discover our great products and let us know if we can do business together, we would love to connect with you socially.

Our NEW frozen product range.

We have always stuck with the same products, I guess, it was always going to be a ‘comfortable’ way forward. Being a fresh food manufacturer, producing a frozen product was never on the radar.

How wrong is this!

After doing this for close to 10 years, I have finally realised that this method of thinking is a disaster waiting to happen. Well, it IS happening right now, the pinch is more like a hit to the head with a spanner.

With so many new companies starting up, being 1). Similar to yours, 2). Cheaper than you, boy, this is going to be one tough roller coaster ride.

“To stand out, one must have the ability to leverage and diversify into other but similar avenues”

We offer a new frozen product alongside our fresh range

But thankfully, a lot of new connections, new networks, and blasting out social media content (something that the competitors are NOT doing), the brand is being put out there and getting recognised… slowly but surely.

Frozen Product Fish Ball
Frozen Product Fish Ball

This new product is a huge twist to the equation as we have always dealt with manufacturing fresh fish balls to our suppliers. Now, we have directed into the frozen product sector, as this offers diversity and options for the end user.

There are other existing companies doing this, but we have the ability to build a ‘REAL’ relationship with our potential customers, meaning rather than companies dealing B2B, we can actually provide a 1-2-1 business.

This creates a more personal business, after all, it IS your baby.

It is important to make the customer feel valued.

This means they can be in direct contact with the director as opposed to a customer services department or a sales representative, which can sometimes detour the potential contact.

They just need reassurance that they are getting their ‘value’ for money, and ask the right questions if they ever feel unsure with their potential purchase.

As representatives of this new frozen product fish ball range, we ensure to be offering quality, as well as a great value for money product.

In this day and age, customers taste palettes are constantly changing, so keeping up with these varying trends requires total awareness and being one step ahead of the competitors.

Because if they are standing still, there’s no reason to not take a piece of the pie… I mean, if they don’t want it, I’ll gladly slip in and show my presence.

Check out our other tasty products and please get in touch, we’d love to do business with you






Chilli Oil Analysis 720g

Why haven’t you tried our AMAZING Chilli Oil yet?!

That being said and done, our beloved chilli oil comes in 2 main sizes, 180g and 720g. Both for very different people.

The large 720g chilli oil is mainly used by chefs and restaurateurs, and a few budding chilli-preneurs who just love this product.

But what about a middle size?? Okay, that will be in the pipeline, just let this simmer in your cupboards for now… a middle 350g – 400g maybe a good range to consider, hmm… the decision to add another size could be tricky as our smallest is 180g, which was an increase to it’s 113g predecessor.

Anyway, this blog is on the 720g size, more for your money, tastes absolutely divine and lasts a bloody long time (well, that’s if you’re not an addict like my neighbour, this jar can last him 2-3 months… which reminds me, I need to give him another jar of chilli oil!)

720g Chilli Oil

If you are still contemplating on what this is or how the hell do you eat it? Well, simple, ask a friend of a friend, assuming they have tried it, and get their opinion on it. Simple.

It is a mild concoction of dried chillies and vegetable oil, with a dash of shrimps (a paste to be exact but let’s not reveal too much here okay), and the end product is what years of trial and error has led up to.

It is fairly safe to say that we do have an absolute treat here, and I can guarantee your approval.

Try it NOW if you haven’t yet considered, because once you have, there’s no going back!

Check out our “where to buy” page for your nearest stockist, we supply London as a standard, but can deliver around the UK.

Improved Label to Appeal to Wider Market

Our chilli oil has had a subtle makeover by creating an improved label, but will make a huge impact to it’s future in the retail sector if it is to dominate the market.

This was actually requested by a potential customer, who have the ability to distribute nationwide, so we complied.

Improved Label Criteria:

  1. Safety Seal – imperative and should have been implemented a long time ago. Assures customer the product has not been tampered with and visually improves the ‘quality’ of the jar.
  2. Shortened label – the height of the label has been reduced 5mm in order to fit neatly around the jar. And has been extended in length to fit in the nutritional information.
  3. Quantative Information Declaration (QUID) – full ingredients list with accurate % listed. Fully integrated nutritional values displayed according to current regulations, definitely an improved label.
  4. Printed Expiry – might not sound impressive but previously, we had the expiry date manually displayed via a date gun so there was a small white sticker covering the main label. The printed expiry gives it a professional stand and does not interfere with the main label.
  5. Full contact information – important contact details available so customers can contact company directly regarding any queries about the chilli oil.
chilli oil 180g chilli oil 180g

We had both the 180g and 720g labels corrected and reprinted to remain consistent with each other. We kept the designs exactly the same so customers could identify immediately that these two are identical products.

There was a slight issue where one customer did not realise our 720g was the same as the 180g, due to the description on the label being different to that of the 180g jar.

So it was decided to have the same label for both sizes, no confusion and by far a massively improved label to progress with!

Sun Wah has a YouTube Channel


“In order to broaden our horizons and expand our brand, we must dominate the space… In this case, it’s the digital space”

We have devised a YouTube Channel dedicated to showing viewers how easy it is to create your own oriental style dish at home and each recipe has been produced so you can modify to your own pleasure.

The video is short and sweet, not too long as we knew the viewing times for such videos should retain the viewers attention, we hope to have achieved that with this first video.

You can view our debut video here. Please comment and share!

If you feel you have other recipes please recommend and by all means, have fun and create your own recipe and send us feedback, we know you will enjoy it however you utilise it.

New Website to follow for July 2015!


Just a snippet of the new website to follow, all in aid of our remarketing and rebranding model.

Again, this is to provide a higher recognition amongst the competition and become a household name.

Our goal is to be everywhere and to get others talking about us.

Sun Wah now accepts card payments!

Sun Wah is now at the forefront of secure card payments.

Providing alternative solutions to payment, we can offer a safe a reliable method of transacting anything from £1 – £100,000, without you (the customer) being in fear of fraudulent activity and any insecurities.

These 2 world renowned companies are exactly what we need in order to provide that security and ensure that all card payments, be it small or large sums, are debited out safely, securely, and stress free!

These are just a few of the major cards we are able to accept.


cards_accepted Worldpay-logo-design-branding-SomeOne-21 logo-first-data-363x110

Teaming up with Pure Elements Design to Remarket and Rebrand Sun Wah Foods


Call +44 (0)7920 178 088 to enhance your digital media and online presence OR email info@pureelements.co.uk for a detailed proposal. Click on above image to redirect you to their homepage.


In order to increase our brand and awareness, we had to completely give Sun Wah a whole new facelift in terms of marketing to the right audience and being noticed in a market where there’s too much noise.

Pure Elements gave us that edge with modern and up to date designs that will get us noticed amongst other competitors, and provide a more corporate feel to our new brochure and correspondence.