Chilli Oil Analysis 720g

Why haven’t you tried our AMAZING Chilli Oil yet?!

That being said and done, our beloved chilli oil comes in 2 main sizes, 180g and 720g. Both for very different people.

The large 720g chilli oil is mainly used by chefs and restaurateurs, and a few budding chilli-preneurs who just love this product.

But what about a middle size?? Okay, that will be in the pipeline, just let this simmer in your cupboards for now… a middle 350g – 400g maybe a good range to consider, hmm… the decision to add another size could be tricky as our smallest is 180g, which was an increase to it’s 113g predecessor.

Anyway, this blog is on the 720g size, more for your money, tastes absolutely divine and lasts a bloody long time (well, that’s if you’re not an addict like my neighbour, this jar can last him 2-3 months… which reminds me, I need to give him another jar of chilli oil!)

720g Chilli Oil

If you are still contemplating on what this is or how the hell do you eat it? Well, simple, ask a friend of a friend, assuming they have tried it, and get their opinion on it. Simple.

It is a mild concoction of dried chillies and vegetable oil, with a dash of shrimps (a paste to be exact but let’s not reveal too much here okay), and the end product is what years of trial and error has led up to.

It is fairly safe to say that we do have an absolute treat here, and I can guarantee your approval.

Try it NOW if you haven’t yet considered, because once you have, there’s no going back!

Check out our “where to buy” page for your nearest stockist, we supply London as a standard, but can deliver around the UK.

5 Responses to “Chilli Oil Analysis 720g”

    • Hi, Thank you for the email. Our stuff is going pretty well, catching new eyes in a different market definitely has its advantages.

      We’re a different type of chilli based company, as you can see from our range and flavours. Very unique.

      The Shrimps is our classic and original flavour, the rest have all derived from this one and feedback through our customer base.

      Hope everything is good at Flaming Licks?

    • Hi Alistair, thank you for your message, yes Chilli Oil is the best 🙂

      This is a classic Shrimp flavour, goes perfectly with any seafood based dish.

      Marinate all over or serve in a dish on the side as a dipping suggestion

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