Chilli Oil Sachets Version 2.0

Improved Chilli Oil Sachets

It has been a while since we released our initial batch of Chilli Oil sachets, which was back in 2017.

We had issues with leakages, where the oil managed to seep through the seals of plastic, so we decided to stop.

Fast forward to today, we managed to significantly upgrade the Chilli Oil sachets to a version 2.0 with better packaging film and better equipment.

It was through a collaboration with Colman Packaging that allowed us to vastly improve this product.

With COVID causing havoc within industries, most businesses in order to survive, had to pivot their business and adjust to the current climate.

Meaning their 5,6,7, 10 year business plans were immediately scrapped and turned into a daily mode of endurance and sustainability.

“Adjust and pivot your business accordingly to align with the current state of the platforms and environments both digitally and physically.”

As you can see, the improved sachets have a much robust plastic film, in this case, is opaque and slightly thicker than its predessor.

The machines used to produce the sachets have since been upgraded to allow for liquids and ‘bits’ to combine more effectively and flow seemlessly into the sachet form.

Businesses that have ‘evolved’ since COVID, have started to use or at least incorporate one time use products in their own business, in this instance, sachets.

The food industry has fortunately boomed during the pandemic and most traditional ‘restaurant styled’ businesses have mostly adopted the ‘take out’ system in order to stay in business (and hopefully remain in business).

Whist we are working on providing more options for our Chilli Oil, we have been contacted regarding sachets and provisionally generated interest in the Pizza industry… watch this space 🙂