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Chilli oil is a delicious and universal ingredient that you are able to utilise in your kitchen from breakfast to dessert. Traditional Chinese chilli oil was typically used as a dipping sauce for meats and dim sum but tastes fantastic in a variety of preparations,  for instance as a chilli vinaigrette, a flavourful fish and meat marinade, a spicy sauce for pasta and noodles.

Paired with fresh ingredients, chilli oil can transform the flavour and spice levels of dishes from all over the world including, Asian, Italian, Mexican and Caribbean cuisines.

We teamed up with Allas Yummy Food to give you an idea of different ways to give your homemade meals ‘a little extra something’ using Sun Wah chilli infused oils.

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 “We love cooking but we wanted to be creative and give our dishes some intensity. Sun Wah chilli oils are great to enhance any dish, without overpowering them!”