Is Your Customer Service Skill Up To Par?

Excelling in your customer service skills

Let’s face it, whatever industry you’re in, you ARE a salesperson, you need to SELL your products or services to other people and/or businesses. Therefore this requires an unprecedented amount of customer service skills.

Albeit a rather loose term, a salesperson is often regarded as the ‘bad’ guy, the typical gift of the gab, con artist appearing door to door to sell you unwanted items that you don’t even need.

These people don’t have customer service, they have an intention to steal your money.

Well, as some of it may be true, due to the lengths that these ‘sales people’ will go to to close a sale, not all of these sales persons are out there to scam your money.

A business needs to be run, and it need customers, therefore one must SELL their products or service in order to have a legitimate business.

Having excellent customer service skills is essential to not only get new clients, but retain EXISTING customers.

big_smile_customer service customer service-experience

However, it’s not as simple as speaking to a stranger and they will immediately become a customer, it’s actually a skill in itself, believe it or not.

You’re not born with great customer service ability, it’s built over time.

Building rapport with the potential client and having that honest persona, provides authenticity in wanting to help others because you know your product or service will serve them well.

You’re product or service MUST solve their problem. Identify this and you WILL acquire customers.

But once these problems are solved, then what?

Then it is up to you to provide that EXTRA value to your customer.

Some will do enough just to satisfy their clients.

But in order to WOW your customer, be prepared to go that extra mile.

Do things they aren’t expecting.

Treat them like royalty, because retention is the difference between a long term solution and a short term turnover stand.

Don’t get confused though, this does not happen over night.

There are businesses that have ‘old’ clients for over 10, 20 years. If that’s not customer service, then the product must be exceptional.

Be patient, it does require work to keep them happy, but at the end of the day, if they are happy, your business will be happy.


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