Exciting Times for Marketing

Marketing Spending Myth

It is without a doubt that going big requires loads of hard work, marketing, time, and money. But can you go big without spending huge amounts?

We have been fortunate enough to be invited to exhibit our products at the Takeaway & Restaurant Expo 2017 in the Excel London.

This is a massive opportunity for us to show a potential 10-12,000 individuals and businesses that our Sun Wah Chilli Oils are what they want.

We are always educating prospective clients that our product, compared to others is all about the flavour, where others are based on pure heat.

Our niche has enabled us to step away from the masses and create our own delicious product, which we feel is good enough to be shared with the world.

Takeaway expo marketing 2017

Register your FREE tickets for this event and stop by our stall 9066 and give us a high five. It will be great to see the support and really identify with the crowd, WHY we exist.

Marketing in the right places at the right time is priceless, and just to be present with thousands of potential businesses is what every small business needs for that brand push.

“So exciting to see our brand at such a prestigious event, with 12,000 eyes potentially trying our product for the first time.”

When it is said that you can market without the necessary dollars, it is true to a certain extent, but to reach the masses, the money needs to be spent.

Organic marketing will reach your local audience, and this is good but you must be consistent with it, for example implementing social media and distributing it.

In time, the return on this initial investment, will come round and many more opportunities will have been created just by taking the plunge.

On the rarity nothing comes out of it, take it as an experience, learn from it and see how it can be improved for the following year or future events.

Re-branding Timing

Another bit of exciting news is the fact we will be re-branding in time for this big event, so as to make our Sun Wah Chilli Oils more corporate and retail-able.

Getting this right will only benefit our brand and for us to make a mark  and blow the competitors out the water.

The timing couldn’t have been any better and could really accelerate into 2018 with some legs.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit www.takeawayexpo.co.uk/ NOW to register for your free tickets.

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