Our NEW frozen product range.

We have always stuck with the same products, I guess, it was always going to be a ‘comfortable’ way forward. Being a fresh food manufacturer, producing a frozen product was never on the radar.

How wrong is this!

After doing this for close to 10 years, I have finally realised that this method of thinking is a disaster waiting to happen. Well, it IS happening right now, the pinch is more like a hit to the head with a spanner.

With so many new companies starting up, being 1). Similar to yours, 2). Cheaper than you, boy, this is going to be one tough roller coaster ride.

“To stand out, one must have the ability to leverage and diversify into other but similar avenues”

We offer a new frozen product alongside our fresh range

But thankfully, a lot of new connections, new networks, and blasting out social media content (something that the competitors are NOT doing), the brand is being put out there and getting recognised… slowly but surely.

Frozen Product Fish Ball
Frozen Product Fish Ball

This new product is a huge twist to the equation as we have always dealt with manufacturing fresh fish balls to our suppliers. Now, we have directed into the frozen product sector, as this offers diversity and options for the end user.

There are other existing companies doing this, but we have the ability to build a ‘REAL’ relationship with our potential customers, meaning rather than companies dealing B2B, we can actually provide a 1-2-1 business.

This creates a more personal business, after all, it IS your baby.

It is important to make the customer feel valued.

This means they can be in direct contact with the director as opposed to a customer services department or a sales representative, which can sometimes detour the potential contact.

They just need reassurance that they are getting their ‘value’ for money, and ask the right questions if they ever feel unsure with their potential purchase.

As representatives of this new frozen product fish ball range, we ensure to be offering quality, as well as a great value for money product.

In this day and age, customers taste palettes are constantly changing, so keeping up with these varying trends requires total awareness and being one step ahead of the competitors.

Because if they are standing still, there’s no reason to not take a piece of the pie… I mean, if they don’t want it, I’ll gladly slip in and show my presence.

Check out our other tasty products and please get in touch, we’d love to do business with you






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