Handmade Dumplings

Juicy Handmade Dumplings with a Dash of Chilli Oil

So how about an easy recipe to experiment with your first taste of our Sun Wah Chilli Oil? We present the classic handmade dumplings with a dip in sauce.

Despite what people might think, dumplings are relatively simple to do and just requires little patience in ‘building’ your little parcels of delight.

Once made, and once you get caught going OTT, you can pop them into the freezer and bring them out whenever you feel the urge. Because they pretty much require little time to cook, so they are the answer for a quick and delicious pick me up.

Great for a quick snack, lunch, or even a side dish served alongside your main course.

Ok, so here’s a quick run down on the ingredients for both the pastry, filling and dip in sauce:

Pastry: Plain flour and water – simply pour some flour onto a flat surface, make a hole in the middle and add some water in it. Now, using your hands, work the flour into the water until it becomes a dough like texture (knead).

Once the mixture has formed into a dough, cut off small balls around 3-4cm in diameter.

Use a rolling pin and roll out small flat pancakes to about 7-8cm in diameter.

Depending on the quantity of flour and water, you can make an average of about 30-40 pastries.

Filling: pork mince (or other meat if preferred), choice of vegetables (again, depends on preference and diced up finely, usually 2 types is suffice), chicken powder, ginger and water, spring onions, sugar, soy sauce, olive oil, sesame seed oil, xiaoshing wine (cooking wine), 1 egg, and some salt. Mix into the pork mince: ginger water, xiaoshing wine and spring onion FIRST (use hand or wooden spoon if you have). This removes the raw pork smell.

Then add the egg to gel the ingredients together.

Now add the rest of the ingredients leaving the VEGETABLES LAST to put in. This is due to the water content it produces when diced and blended together.

Mix it altogether a final time. If too dry then add some olive oil to to loosen the mixture.

Dip in Sauce: Sun Wah Chilli Oil and soy sauce – Add a tablespoon of Sun Wah Chilli Oil in a small dish then add some soy sauce to it, done.


Wrapping the Dumplings

Now all you have to is to grab a pastry, put a spoonful of filling in it and wrap it to form the dumpling shape. This is the tricky part but after a few attempts, is where the fun begins.

Cooking the Dumplings

You can either steam the dumplings for about 10 minutes or shallow fry the dumplings for about 5 minutes until golden in colour.

We will soon have this blog represented on our YouTube channel, which will show you exactly how to create your own dumplings and dip in sauce.

In the meantime, you can find our Stir Fried Chicken with Szechuan Twist and Stir Fried Ribs with Sun Wah Chilli Oil recipes via YouTube.


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