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Online growth is important for any business

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The rule of any business is to ultimately get sales, this is a given. But when you step into the online world, growth and scaling your business just suddenly got difficult.

It’s a whole new different ball game now, that if you are perceived to not be ‘online’, you’re already behind.

The internet is a very busy place. To do something that you wanted to do ‘online’ years ago has already been done, if not, improved upon ten fold.

BUT, it is still not too late to jump on the band wagon!

To start now is better than to not start at all, you’ll still be in line with your competition, but have a mountain to climb.

So here’s where you get help… it’s not a sign of weakness, but a pry for business growth and development, and fast (well, faster than if you were to do it yourself).

The Seo and Content Marketing Experts

digital marketing growth

For Sun Wah Foods, we only started to seriously develop our online space rapidly and going all in within a space of six months, and it is building traction.

It could be further improved due to competitive analysis, hence we brought in the experts to try to smash the competitors out of the water.

We knew we had a niche with our Sun Wah Chilli Oils that no one was even close to replicating.

Digital Marketing Help provided us with a detailed analysis of our website and how it was ranking to other websites, needless to say, our one had something but not enough to compete… yet.

We have a lot to do, but in the long run, the initial investment for the report and suggested changes would come back greatly.

The consultation proved very informative, although we knew the basics, there was a ton more to incorporate before we could be present on the web.

It is an ongoing process, but the fact that we’ve started, there’s no turning back. We’re going full steam ahead with this project, be sure to see us in a few months dominating.


“Being new in the digital space, it was difficult for growth if we did it alone… we needed outside help!”


For our social media, it is another timely aspect of the business.

You have to post regularly for people to see your content, but there has to be some relevancy.

We’ve learnt stories provide a better contextual experience than just regular photos of what you do.

Videos prove popular in documenting what you do, but you can also use it to story tell WHY you are doing what you do.

People don’t get to see the grind and hard work that gets put into the business, so let them see it.

It provides integrity, authenticity, and shows that your business goes through the same shit that any other business goes through.

The difference is, you’re making it successful through sheer hard work, whilst the others are admiring you.

Sprout growth

Sprout Me Media is a social media agency that we brought in to take care of our Instagram business page.

Already in a space of a few days, our followings have increased, and still are… and the engagement is tremendous.

You will be surprised what a small investment can get you!

With these agencies in place, and the rate that the business is developing on the web, we can be the number one Chilli Oil in the UK (the world, eventually).

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