New Product Review!

Fried Cuttlefish Balls, Tom Yum Flavor!

Our recently trialled product has gone a huge success with positive feedback on taste and popularity. This will be a product that will be greatly accepted in the stores and become a hit with regulars.

The twist with this product is the fact that it has a Thai element to it, which is the Tom Yum enhancement. As Tom Yum is associated with a soup base, the distinct flavour was a risky approach to our fishball range as there are many who find the Tom Yum mix strong on the lemongrass side of things. So the balance of the ingredients had to be perfect.

After getting this right, some regular punters (a few stores) immediately stocked this product on their shelves and is receiving good sales. However, this still needs extra push if it is to appear regularly in customer’s homes. There are a few other stores that still need persuading to stock this new flavour, but this needs persistence, it will happen so stay tuned!!



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