New Sachets and Collaboration

New Sachets and Collaboration

A very interesting week with a new packaging solution arriving (after a few weeks of getting it right) and a collaboration, which will put a new spin on our marketing direction.

We are working with Colman Packaging Ltd, to bring our customer’s an alternative form of product.

The sachet has been around for a while, but we never seized an opportunity to bring it to life or to market.

Due to demand and the wide services available today in the food industry, this partnership has finally become a reality.

There are two main forms: one with a mix of oil and flakes, and the other, just oil.

20g sachets, which is enough for one portion per person.

Convenience is the obvious solution here; grab, open, pour, and eat. The packaging is discarded. Simple.

New oil sachet
New oil sachet
New sachet packs
New sachet packs


“The sachets are convenient for distribution, lightweight, and portion controlled…”





They can be improved further, by either implementing foil packaging or printed branding on the pack.

Our priority here though, is to get these packs into potential customer’s hands, which prove great as distributional material.

If you fancy a taster sample please get in contact with us, alternatively, visit our website to view our range of delicious oils.

Collaboration with @allasyummyfood

Alla is a Russian/Latvian food based influencer, who creates tantalising dishes and documents them in YouTube format.

Please follow Alla @allasyummyfood on her YouTube channel and subscribe for updates.

We reached out to her through a friend, and Alla agreed on producing 3 recipes using our Chilli Oil.

As you know, the social media space is where your business should be if you want to dominate over your competitors.

This was a massive opportunity for us to reach further afield, and capture new market share.

We will use our current position in the Oriental market as a stepping stone to branch outwards to new markets, such as westernised and African cultures.

“@allasyummyfood is an awesome YouTuber. Her recipes look great.”

Below are the 3 recipes Alla has produced. Looks great doesn’t it?!

The videos are currently being edited. Once they are done, they will be shared for all to see.

New recipe collaboration chocolate New recipe corn fritters New recipe Caribbean sauce

These new recipes will create a buzz in our business, since our competitors are not ‘web present’ and ‘socially active’ anyway.

If these do well, a regular slot for Alla in our business model will definitely boost our credibility and brand awareness.

For more information on our services and updates on our online store, please follow @sunwahfoods on our Instagram page.

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