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Here’s the place to buy our famous Sun Wah Chilli Oil. You can add flavour and fire to your cooking or simply use as a dressing with an aromatic kick. It’s versatile and pretty much goes with anything!

Sun Wah Chilli Oil is a family recipe and is a special version of chilli infused oil or hot chilli oil. It is available in most Chinese supermarkets and has won over many hearts due to its deliciously hot and aromatic taste which is guaranteed to send taste buds tingling!

Its popularity is largely due to those loyal and happy customers who insist on a spoonful of Sun Wah Chilli Oil with every meal and our growing number of fans who get hooked after trying Sun Wah Chilli Oil for the first time!

“We put it on absolutely everything… except cereal”

One very happy customer

The simple things in life are best, so that’s why we use simple ingredients for the taste, tomato sauce for the sweetness and chillies for the heat. The magic is in how we process it all together. Great ingredients are combined together to complement each other in perfect harmony!

Most other brands of chilli oil are either too hot, have no flavour, too many chilli bits or just low on taste. Many have even tried to imitate our recipe but none have succeeded! Our Sun Wah Chilli Oil has a perfect balance.

We currently offer various delicious flavours of chilli oil, and each has a different intensity level ideally suited to each type of individual. You really have to try it and experience it for yourself!