Chilli Oil Products

Our ‘bestseller’ Sun Wah Chilli Oil is probably one of the best handmade products you will ever try.

Created for that authentic touch and complete satisfaction through dinner service, due to its great aromatic flavour.

Chilli Oil products

Widely accepted with Chinese, far-eastern and western alike, it’s quite simply the taste that sets us apart.

Most brands of chilli oils are just too spicy, but the Sun Wah Chilli Oils are full of flavour, which provides a unique taste and kick.

Without hurting one’s taste palette, the Sun Wah Chilli Oil range provides a great balance of spiciness and taste.

This means that when you add a spoonful of our oils to your food, not only does it tastes awesome, but it gives it a little substance to your food.

Other large organisations have tried to imitate our Chilli Oils but we still remain on top by maintaining the quality.

Being handmade here in the United Kingdom ensures us as an authentic brand, and our quality is taken very seriously.

“We love the new Chicken & Black Bean flavoured one, best we’ve tasted so far!” – Spicy fanatic

As we are ever increasing our popularity, the full range is slowly breaking into more households, and is widely accepted by different cultures, not just the oriental customers.

Since our initial product, the Sun Wah Chilli Oil with Shrimps, we have developed a full range of Chilli Oils to cater for each individual’s taste palette.

From a low level heat, to a middle range, and then a high intensity type of Chilli Oil, we can safely say there is something for everyone.

Our products:

  • Sun Wah Chicken & Black Bean Chilli Oil (low spice)
  • Sun Wah Chilli Oil with Shrimps (medium spice)
  • Sun Wah Vegetarian Chilli Oil (medium spice)
  • Sun Wah Chilli Oil with Peppercorns (high spice)

There will be room for developing more flavours, so please keep following us for more updates.

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