Promo Video!


Available to view on our Facebook page “Sun Wah Foods”

To promote awareness of our brand, a quick video using an app on the iPhone 6 Plus, was created. This started initially as a bit of fun, and was received well by the locals. But there was substance to it, so there is room for improvement and to create even better videos later on.

Further videos or trailers will be produced as the whole process was simple to direct, just have to fill it with suitable content. Due to the ease of the app use and it’s ‘Freeness’, teaser videos will be made in order to bring additional awareness to our brand Sun Wah Foods. It’s about being noticed and getting other people’s attention, which did its job pretty well.

It was only 36 seconds long with a cheesy appearance from the owner and family (heavily criticised for it) but this is what brings that appeal to the video and throws the attention out there for all to view.

The next video will be in the style of a movie trailer, which is more hand crafted for a more serious vibe. So please stay in touch for updates.

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