Social Media – Be known or Be Thrown!

Is Social Media the Right Move?

So, we live in an age where technology is vast growing and every move we commit to is available to us 24/7 all in the palm of our hands… please welcome the form of “Social Media”.

Let’s break it down:

Social – be part of a community, being connected with people, companionship

Media – tools used to deliver information or data, a form of communication

I suppose that when the first form of real media was invented, i.e. the radio (audio media), and the television (combination of visual and audio media).

It was sort of a one way media stream, where there was only output and no feedback system.

This dominated the world and people were heavily consumed with this “new” technology until some clever clogs decided to go a step further and invent the internet to really connect the world with each other.

The rest is history.

social media

Billions of people worldwide have access to the internet, with most having connectivity via their mobile handset or at home via their PC.

Now people can connect with each other without even setting foot outside of their home. The power is just too immense.

On a personal level, this is great, as you can meet people all over the world and visit parts of the world where you cannot go physically.

In terms of business use, this method of “Social Media” can actually become a goldmine.

Imagine connecting with other businesses all over the world, who can have an influence on your own business.

This makes networking easier and all this can be done without the traditional face to face meetings.

The NOW social media tools are: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, and many more.

It’s about identifying what your business is comfortable with and just blow it up.

Utilise multiple social media tools to maximise your online presence.

If you have a business large or small, and are on the fence on using social media, then it’s fair to say that the opportunity to GROW your business will be fairly slim if you don’t consider it.

How will other businesses get to even know you and your company? How will they know what products and services you provide? How can they contact you?

The internet was created to transmit data worldwide, if you are not part of the movement, then I’m afraid you will fall behind.

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