Improved Label to Appeal to Wider Market

Our chilli oil has had a subtle makeover by creating an improved label, but will make a huge impact to it’s future in the retail sector if it is to dominate the market.

This was actually requested by a potential customer, who have the ability to distribute nationwide, so we complied.

Improved Label Criteria:

  1. Safety Seal – imperative and should have been implemented a long time ago. Assures customer the product has not been tampered with and visually improves the ‘quality’ of the jar.
  2. Shortened label – the height of the label has been reduced 5mm in order to fit neatly around the jar. And has been extended in length to fit in the nutritional information.
  3. Quantative Information Declaration (QUID) – full ingredients list with accurate % listed. Fully integrated nutritional values displayed according to current regulations, definitely an improved label.
  4. Printed Expiry – might not sound impressive but previously, we had the expiry date manually displayed via a date gun so there was a small white sticker covering the main label. The printed expiry gives it a professional stand and does not interfere with the main label.
  5. Full contact information – important contact details available so customers can contact company directly regarding any queries about the chilli oil.
chilli oil 180g chilli oil 180g

We had both the 180g and 720g labels corrected and reprinted to remain consistent with each other. We kept the designs exactly the same so customers could identify immediately that these two are identical products.

There was a slight issue where one customer did not realise our 720g was the same as the 180g, due to the description on the label being different to that of the 180g jar.

So it was decided to have the same label for both sizes, no confusion and by far a massively improved label to progress with!