Our Trusted Thermo-Logistic Distributor

Fresh Move – Thermo-Logistic Distributor

Being a family business, the goal of expanding has always been a dream and to become a nationwide name, is unbelievable. To make this happen, one must partner up with a known distributor.

In 2016, we have access to many businesses that offer services that your company can sometimes benefit from.

It’s fact that in order for your business to grow, you need to invest in outsourcing certain services, so you as a Director, can focus on other essential activity, such as marketing and branding.




Fresh Move have been established since 2009 and provides a very convenient refrigerated transport/distributor service, which enables NATIONWIDE delivery (UK based).

Did I mention a Door to Door service?? Yes, they pick up from our company and deliver the goods directly to the recipients door.

We have used their service for the past year now and have only had positive results from them.

Their work ethic and system is clear with cutting edge temperature technology, which incorporates a LIVE tracking system that shows you when, where, and what time your goods have been picked up and delivered.

Not only do they provide a CHILLED distributor service, but they can deliver AMBIENT goods too. Very convenient!

Now, I know what you’re thinking, this guy must be getting commission or working for them on the side.

Hmm nope. I don’t get commission.

I pay them for the service that they provide and if you think about it, it is a win win situation.

The door to door service and electronic feedback ensures a prompt delivery service, so it gives our company a bit of breathing space, as we figure out the more important stuff like what’s for lunch?

Discover our great products and let us know if we can do business together, we would love to connect with you socially.

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