Tuna Cucumber Sandwich Chilli Oil Twist

An old classic with a Chilli Oil twist

So the title says it all. I came across this raised eyebrow query when a regular customer said that he loves the chilli oil every time he makes a ‘tuna and cucumber sandwich’.

As soon as he said this, I immediately gave that “Are you kidding me?!” look and obviously was stunned with that peculiar combination. Almost as weird as one customer spreading the chilli oil on TOAST…

However, despite the disparity, he was adamant for me to try it and would make me ‘his’ version of the classic tuna and cucumber sandwich. I agreed.

A couple days later, I received this ‘modified’ sandwich and had it for lunch. It was a warm Wednesday afternoon about 2pm when I took the first bite.

BY GOSH! I was taken back. I couldn’t help but to have more. It was definitely the tuna and cucumber concoction, but with a slight tingle to it. I LOVED IT!

Who would’ve known that the unlikely combination could actually be so tasty, so I have decided to give you a simple run down of how to create your OWN Tuna and Cucumber Chilli Oil Twist:


Step 1). Get a nice soft loaf of bread (of your choice) and cut into thick slices. Grab 2 slices.


Step 2). Get a tin of tuna chunks (again, of your choice) and spread generously on your 2 slices. You can implement mayonnaise if need be.


Step 3). Add a drizzle of your favourite Sun Wah Chilli Oil for that extra kick (more or less depending on your awesomeness of spice level)


Step 4). Add a few slices of cucumber… just for a bit of colour :p


Step 5). Slap the 2 slices of bread together and eat it like a boss!

There you have it! A quick and easy snack to prepare and make, and eating it will be slow and enjoyable.

Find out where your nearest stockists are to obtain some delicious chilli oil



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