Upcoming Chilli Festival and Events 2017

Eastleigh Chilli Festival 2017

We are exciting to be announcing one of many stalled events for 2017, and it begins with the Eastleigh Chilli Festival.

This is happening 15th of JULY 2017.

Try to make it, come and join the fun!!

An annual event held by Chilli Fest UK, which have all have been huge successes.

Allowing various companies to show off their variety of products and allow for the consumer to try.

Eastleigh Chilli Festival

As a family run business, scaling up has always been a challenge, therefore Sun Wah Foods has teamed with Chilli Fest UK to bring our awesome Chilli Oil to the public.

We pride ourselves as being a customer focused business, which is something we know our competitors are not doing.

We constantly engage with the public and always deal with existing customers on a one to one basis.

Now this upcoming festival and future events will be a defining point in our pursuit for UK brand awareness.

This event will be a packed filled event with 20 other different businesses, all promoting their unique products.

“Spicy madness. Chilli eating contest. Friendly atmosphere. FREE admission. Come and join the fun with local Chilli fanatics!”

Eastleigh festival will be the first of 11 stalls we have booked up for 2017, so we are trying our best to ensure everyone knows about Sun Wah Chilli Oils.

If you are interested in attending one of the events please follow this link or click the picture for more information.

You can be sure that these events will be crazy and spicy!!

Chilli Fest UK Festival 2017

We will literally be driving around the country, setting up stalls, and bring our unique flavour directly to your doorstep.

Please support us and come try our gorgeous Chilli Oil. If not, just come say “Hi!”

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