Vegetarian Chilli Oil

We serve a Vegetarian option also

It’s fair to say, with all the meat that floats around, we take it for granted that, and also assume that everyone eats meat. It’s within our DNA to assume so. When did the first vegetarian take a stand and say “Away with meat, I’m going to give it up and become healthier!”

That being said, the statement bodes well for a large number of vegetarians today, all in pursuit for a ‘purer’ body.

Whilst meat (including seafood) is considered unhealthy, depending on it’s presentation, the latter confide in alternative luxuries.

Who said you can’t enjoy your food without meat??

So in order satisfy one party, you got to at least cater for the other half (but in most cases, you CANNOT satisfy everybody…)

vegetarian chilli oil

We, at Sun Wah decided to approach our best seller from this vantage point and produce a non shrimp based product suitable for vegetarians… otherwise known as the Vegetarian Chilli Oil.

Simply, we took our best seller, the Chilli Oil with Shrimps, and just took out the shrimps… easy.

Now we have a product that most people can enjoy, which tastes just as good as the meat based one! RESULT!

This approach now opens our doors to a much wider market, typically the Asian community.

With as much Asians as there are Chinese, this product can be just as popular as our best seller.

Today, people have a well developed taste palette, so they can taste a dud product when it goes under the radar.

Our Vegetarian Chilli Oil at the moment comes in one size 160g, but can be batched into bulk if and when.

We hope that this product will get into most customer’s hands and into their homes soon, so they can spread the word to their families and friends.

You can view our current suppliers and see where your nearest stockist is located.

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