Work Ethic


This week is a week where Sun Wah Foods Ltd will begin its journey to become distributed Nationwide. And we are not talking about just being distributed via another supplier…

We now have the ability to partner with a well known chilled distributor by whom can deliver our fresh stock directly to the customer’s doorstep in any part of the UK either next day or a standard 3 day service.

This new service will eliminate any third party costs and therefore is a cost effective method by just having a low cost delivery service as opposed to operating another vehicle route, additional wages, fuel surcharges etc.

We do hope that those who do come on board and want to work with us feel that our new service will be organised smoothly and  run professionally. After all, customer satisfaction is what we are all about and have been for 20 years.

However, this is just the first step, the next big step is actually prospecting potential customers around the UK and gaining their trust and build rapport in order to create a long term relationship with them. This will generate a new economy for Sun Wah Foods Ltd! So a lot to do for the New Year, let’s go and grab this and take it to another level…

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