Sun Wah Foods is a family owned and run company based in North London making chilli oils to a recipe which the Cheung family developed over the generations back in Hong Kong.

In 1992, Sun Wah Foods was an oriental food delivery service and, as a thank you gift for customers, we included a complimentary jar of our homemade chill oil with every order. The oil became very popular and we received requests for more and more of our chilli oil to be supplied with orders. It became clear that there was something very special about our recipe!

Sun Wah Chilli Oil focuses on flavour, not just heat. We use locally sourced high-quality ingredients blended and prepared in a unique way that creates the unmatched Sun Wah signature taste which connoisseurs describe as “rich” and “delicious”.

The demand from our customers gave us the confidence to produce our beloved recipe for wider distribution in popular Asian supermarkets across the UK. Now we can offer it to you directly, giving your oriental cooking authentic taste and versatility to make every dish special.